Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today is Nana's birthday. Evie wanted to give her Nana something special, so we wrapped up a few birthday packages to mail to her- and also made her some ladybug cookies as an early Valentine's sweet.

We're just guessing that Evie wanted to give Nana ladybugs, since "BUG" was what I think she said when we asked what she wanted to give Nana.  (Toddler language is always left wide open to interpretation.) One of our many nicknames for Evie is "Bug," so it just seemed fitting. 
Ladybugs from our little ladybug!

(She's eating a goldfish, not raw cookie dough. Promise.)

After making the ladybugs, she of course wanted to play with her BIG ladybug.
 (There may be some sugary remnants on her face and shirt from when she was a big help in "testing" Nana's cookies). 

Watch out Nana, you have an army of bugs heading your direction! 

Oh, and you may be on the receiving end of some Tophats too! (Evie and I had to put up a fight to keep Dadda from snitching all of these!)

We call them Tophats because of their shape.
And why are they shaped like that?

Because the chocolate chip cookie
is stuffed with an Oreo cookie, of course!

(We hope Nana likes 'em!)

Nana: just in case the package doesn't get there in one piece, this is what some of the components looked like prior to shipping. And if it doesn't, we hope you still can enjoy some yummy crumbs! (sorry the presents won't get to you ON your birthday! they are on the way!)

Happy Birthday Nana!
Evie and her parents


  1. Yummy! My cookies never turn out that pretty...

  2. I'm glad these turned out looking good.. but what's important is that they TASTE good! =o)