Tuesday, February 22, 2011


You know those home improvement shows that make every do-it-yourself project seem so incredibly easy that even an imbecile could finish it? Yeah, Momma Peach has completely bought into those shows... hook, line, and sinker. 

What an imbecile.

But unlike those D.I.Y. shows, the Yankee & Peach house can't complete our projects with only 35 minutes of actual work (broken up by a few commercial breaks), then 13 minutes of strategic product placement, and finally a beautiful "reveal" of the completed project coming after just 48 minutes. All while the "contractor" is standing there in designer jeans, stilettos, and a full face of makeup.

Momma Peach does promise to return to Y&P Blogland soon, but in the meantime she'll give you some fuzzy cell phone pictures of what we've been working on.  Don't worry, these projects aren't anything like the basement project from last year. 

On a side note... yes, we fully support child labor.

Good job munchkin. And after you uninstall the fireplace cover, level the uneven bricks, measure and place the tile, then we'll talk about grout coloring. I'll just sit right here on the couch and watch you.

Yup, that is mosaic glass tile that has been lovingly positioned and mortared over a not-so-cute 1970's red brick fireplace. The mortar just needs to set, the green painters tape will be removed, and then grout will be even more lovingly placed around the tiles.  And if you don't like it... well, that's just too bad. Because that stuff ain't coming off now!
No longer an eyesore, we fully intend to use this "new" fireplace  to roast marshmallows and make s'mores every single night of the week.  Even if it's summer time in Georgia and the temp is a balmy 103 degrees, we're lighting a beautiful fire in this beautiful new fireplace, dag'gum it!

"Get back in the factory and sew your fingers to the bone, little girl! There are no breaks in this sweat shop!"
Kidding, of course.  Please notice that Strawberry-Shortcake-pajama-clad Evie even has a flexible tape measure in her firm grip, just like every good seamstress should.

This is the downstairs guest bathroom. I wanted something that let light in, but kept prying eyes out for a bit of privacy. I found some inspiration for this project HERE.
However, instead of using canvas as the link explained, I used some light tan burlap and chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon, put them together... and voila, a window shade.

There are six windows that are in need of window treatments. Some have old white blinds on them, some have nothing at all. So, one down and
just five more to go!

We're not even going to show the projects that Dadda has been working on... they're just too good to be revealed yet! But we will say it involves a can or two of paint, a very tall ladder, and a garage door opener.  

And hopefully it will NOT involve a trip to the E.R.... again.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


  1. This is wonderful! I have the best of intentions with DIY projects, even most of the products, but rarely any of the follow through. I did recover some chairs once. Maybe that hideous project is why I've never done anything else...

    The fireplace looks awesome. Kudos to you because that appears to be a fair amount of work!

  2. You are so crafty! I'm totally jealous!