Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The Little Peach's outfit choices have been quite fabulous, if not at least very fun, over the past few days.    (Apologies for the blurry cell phone pictures)

Baby Vogue's interpretation of her look:
The white gloves and patent leather shoes give a sense of
timeless Audrey Hepburn style, while the pink striped skull cap
rounds out the ensemble with a fun and edgy rocker-girl flare.
The substantial amount of visible bare skin keeps the overall look very natural.
It's a classy, but fun, and untailored look.
We think all toddlers should embrace this edgy bravura
in the coming fashion season."

(PS - This was NOT for a public outing.)

Her outfit choice for school today.
The Beatles!

Maybe the teachers will get the hint on the fifth repeat of "Wheels on the Bus" that they could switch it up and play some Hey Jude or All You Need Is Love for the toddler song and circle time.  

A Beatles-themed lesson would be so appropriate.   Yellow Submarine or I Am the Walrus would be a good choice for her class to hear, since the Toddler classroom theme is currently "Under the Sea!"  What's more under the sea than a shiny yellow submarine and a fun walrus?
Evie will happily dance along to anything from the Magical Mystery Tour, Sgt. Peppers, or Abbey Road albums. Dadda often sings Strawberry Fields Forever to her as well....  STRAWBERRIES! A strawberry is RED, and a FRUIT and one of Evie's favorite things to eat. Strawberries would initiate at least 30 minutes of classroom interaction and discovery!

Did you even realize the Beatles had such great material for a toddler to learn? 

Why her school doesn't just let ME write the curriculum is beyond my comprehension. 

And using the Beatles to teach the toddler class to walk in a single file line...

What other Beatles songs could work for a classroom lesson?


  1. How about:

    I want to hold your hand.


    Revolution...for the temper tantrums.

  2. Fabulous. Not everyone can combine Audrey Hepburn and nudity and pull it off.