Monday, February 28, 2011


G'morning, yall. Please 'scuse us, as we haven't had a chance to finish our cup o' coffee or put on our MAKEUP yet.

But we do have some fun Monday morning news:  the fireplace is finished and the new flooring has been put down in the living room!

"I'll do it, Momma."

"All done!"
Random sidenote: That shiny bald head on the television screen is Sports Illustrated senior writer Grant Wahl, who happened to be giving an interview as to why he should be the next FIFA president just as I snapped this picture.
His run for FIFA president is generating some legitimate buzz- but given the state of affairs over at FIFA, it's not likely he'll be elected. However, of all his presidential promises, the one that stuck out most to Momma Peach is that Wahl wants to do away with the yellow card offense been thrown for players who take their shirt off at the end of the game.

Although Wahl discussed many other more important goals in his interview, Momma Peach didn't really notice much else.
Dadda could care less about the yellow card issue, but he is just happy that Americans are paying a little bit of attention to international soccer. Momma Peach is in favor of shirtless soccer players being able to run around freely and gratuitously. Just sayin'.
So I guess that's the Y&P's explanation and endorsement of why you should vote for Grant Wahl?

We think the living room update is a HUGE improvement from the old brick fireplace surround and ancient dingy carpet. (Hope you agree?!)

If you need to find us, we'll be in the living room putting on our tap dancing shoes to break the new floor in... and sliding around in our socks too!

Happy last-day-of-February, y'all!

PS - Although Evie would LOVE to have some of her momma's coffee, it's actually chocolate milk in her mug. She thinks she's having coffee, it looks like coffee to her, but it's not coffee. Everybody's happy. Especially momma - because momma actually gets the REAL coffee. 


  1. As always, you crack me up. She's too cute. Monkey see, monkey do. Which is great until the behavior being modeled isn't really impressive; trust me!

    The living room looks fantabulous!!! I'm a big fan of wood or laminate flooring. We only have carpet in the bedrooms. It's sooo much easier to clean (though tougher on baby when he falls), particularly all that dog hair.

    I don't watch soccer but am a big fan of shirtless male athletes:)

  2. Hilarious as usual! Fantastic job in the living room...I love the tile thing around the fireplace! I love the antler candles next to the tv as well! From what I've seen, your house is gorgous!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the floor!! It looks amazing! We totally need to do that in our living room.