Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We hope you all had a good Memorial Day holiday.  

We've decided that all weekends should be three days long.  Life would just be better. Don't you agree?

Dadda and Uncle Battle worked hard on Saturday to get the most of the chicken coop built.  Please excuse the cell phone pictures, as I haven't downloaded the pictures from my camera yet.

The boys working hard.

No, our child didn't grow a 5 o'clock shadow.
She had chocolate on her face from taste testing...

The homemade icing for the rainbow cake that Evie and Momma made! 
Evie was a big help at stirring each batch.. and she even resisted tasting the cake batter for a long time (a long time for a toddler, that is.) Halfway through Momma caught her four-finger scooping the yellow batch with a big smile on her face.

We also washed the back porch while the boys worked outside.  Evie was the warden of the porch - if the boys got too close to us, she shot 'em with the spray gun! (Notice Dadda standing out in the yard, out of her range!)

Our chickens have a pretty posh set-up, since Grandaddy Neal and Gabba Gabba gave us their leftover cedar shakes to use from their barn roof.

We just need to the final details now: frame the window, paint the trim, and I'll probably add a flower box for fun, and then hardware cloth around the bottom and frame out a large run for the chickens in the back!

Our little chicken farmer prepares for her babies to come home.

On Monday afternoon we convinced Dadda to lay down his hammer and nails long enough to go to local pool and take a refreshing dip.

Why can't I take my snacks in the pool?
Goldfish like water too!

The polka dot girls warming up in the afternoon sun.

 About two months ago, Ms. Mary Ann Rasmussen gave Momma and Evie their first tomato plant of the season. Much to our delight, we got our first big red juicy tomato this weekend! 

We added some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a couple slices of cheese.
Both Evie and Momma were in heaven!

Momma is off to San Antonio, Texas for the next few days to join a whole bunch of nuclear folks at the Society of Nuclear Medicine's annual meeting.   

I'm excited to check out my hotel digs, since it's really close to both the Alamo and San Antonio's River Walk.  More importantly, I'm ready to dig into a huge bowl of fresh guacamole that I'm sure I can find at the local Tex-Mex eateries.  San Antonio restaurants: Consider yourselves warned! There's a pregnant lady with an appetite heading your direction!

Do you think Dadda and the Little Peach will miss me? Nah! Daddy-Daughter time is too much fun for them to notice that I'm gone. =o)

Adios, amigos!


  1. Y'all stay pretty busy, don't you? The chicken coop looks nice!

    I'm sure they will miss you. But you could probably use a break, right? Have fuuuunnn!!!

  2. your chicken coop looks great! I would be going crazy waiting for the chicks! I recently got a beta fish as a party favor, and I started to jump and yell because I was so happy. I know... I'm a little wacky, but beta fish amaze me!
    Evie is getting cuter by the day! I can't believe how much she has grown! It seems like yesterday that she was a little peach!
    That tomato looks really good right now! Since it has been like a billion ca gillion degrees out for the past like two weeks! And then we had a tornado watch the other day! New England is CRAZY! We'll this comment is LONGGGG... Have fun on your trip!
    ( Would I be considered a Yankee Nick?) (anyways)