Monday, June 20, 2011


This past Saturday was officially "Moving Day."  

For the chickens, that is.  Evie's little "bawk-bawks" had gotten too big for their britches and were starting to escape their cardboard confines - so it was off to the newly-finished hen house with them!

Giving them their "Welcome Home, Again" speech.

The finished coop.

Making sure their accommodations and nesting boxes are up to her standard.
"A little more pine chips here, a few more pine shavings there..."

"You guys comfy in there?"

Once we got the chickens settled in, it was time to turn our attention to Dadda... after all, this weekend was for celebrating Father's Day!

On Sunday afternoon, Gabba Gabba, Grandaddy, Battle, Michelle, PUPPIE!, and Michelle's cute doggie Chloe came for a visit.

Dadda opening a few outfits for him...with a little help from Evie.

And opening a few more outfits for the next man of the house...

Grandaddy inspecting his Father's Day gifts.
He has a bottle of "Texas Champagne" in his left hand...
and yes, folks, that is in fact a "Bullie Sack"
in his right hand.

Don't let his expression fool ya. He likes it.
Any man who owns cattle needs a "Bullie Sack"
to peg on the barn wall and hold stuff.

(If you aren't familiar with farm terminology, I'm sorry... but I'm NOT going to explain what it is.
Let your imagination run wild.)

Uncle Battle, Chloe, Evie, and Trot

 A little afternoon Aqua Blast hopscotch to cool off

Water makes everybody happy!

Devouring the chocolate cheesecake and peaches.
Can you tell the boys don't like to be interrupted when dessert is on the table?!

Grandadday and Evie sharing some
chocolate cheesecake and coloring tips.

And no, you didn't request more belly pics (last week's post had probably enough BELLY pictures for most of you!). 

Whether you asked for 'em or not, here are a few more pictures to document the gut growth/stomach swelling/girth explosion and other polite and not-so-polite ways to describe the "belly balloon blow-up" that progresses during pregnancy.

Momma and Evie picking some roses in the yard at four months pregnant...
Looking more like a potbelly and not quite like a baby belly at this point.

Boom !
What a difference a month makes! Now there's a baby belly.

And just think, we're only half-way done cooking this turkey.

Maaa-ma! He's not ready yet?
I want to play with him.  Come on out, baby brother!

We're starting to experience a bit of
toddler sass in our household. Can you tell?

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  1. The coop is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to hear about their adventures in their new house. You look great by the way, you do not look as far along as you are!