Thursday, June 16, 2011


When Momma Peach was pregnant with Evie, we rented a fetal doppler for a few months. As first-time parents, the doppler was a reassuring way to hear the sounds of her little heart beating a-mile-a-minute and we enjoyed the chance to hear the little munchkin's activities in between doctor's visits.  Of course, Momma felt her activities, but it was neat to put a sound with those internal thumps and bumps.

(Also, it's a lot of fun to pull the doppler out at house parties and accuse people of not having a heart when you can't find their heartbeat.)

This pregnancy go-round we decided to spring for our own Doppler. With rental fees of $30-$50 bucks per month, we smartly purchased a refurbished one for the bargain price of $70. So, if you're in need of a doppler... drop by the house, we'll hook you up for a quick exam!

Needless to say, Evie has loved getting to "hear" her baby brother. She watched Momma a few times and figured she'd could do it as well... 

Please excuse the glaringly white color of the pregnant belly. My tummy was religiously covered up and slathered with SPF lotion during Evie's pregnancy, which (I think) helped keep the stretch marks away... so if that routine worked once, I'm hoping it works this time as well!

Who's in there?!
Nope, I think I found the burrito you had for lunch, Mom.
Wait, we're getting closer!  I hear something!

There he is!


  1. So cute! I take it she 'gets' the idea that there's something in there. I don't think Jordan really had a clue even though we tried to explain.

  2. Sometimes I think she gets it... other times, I think she just enjoys playing with the doppler and making sounds come out of it. The first time, I'm pretty sure she thought she was just painting my belly with the ultrasound jelly. Whether she gets it or not, I'm just trying to make the whole "new baby" experience a positive and fun one for her - so when the real thing gets here, so won't completely reject him! =o)

  3. It is so nice to see the sister to try to hear sounds from her little brother! Congratulations from Lisa