Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The chickens are here!!

Our seven little chick-chicks survived the traumatic shipping process and have (so far) survived the (even more) traumatic experience of becoming part of our family.

Our little chicken farmer waits patiently for Dadda to open the box.
Momma was out of town for work - and realized after the fact that she probably should have warned Dadda to take a peak at the chickens prior to opening them up in front of Evie...
just in case, you know, one of them didn't quite make the trip successfully (ie. not
Tragedy and childhood trauma were averted, as all of them survived.


The genetic breakdown for you:
(2) Rhode Island Reds - the reddish chicks on the lower right
(2) Silver Laced Wyandottes - the black and silver at the bottom of the photo
(2) Light Brahma - the little yellow peeps
(1) Speckled Sussex - the brown chick with a dark stripe at the top of the photo

Directing and overseeing their welcome home party.

Our sweaty little toddler checking the stability of the brooder lamp.
The lamp has a 250 Watt red bulb
that we turn on
at night to keep the chicks warm and calm.

(I'm pretty sure the neighbors suspect we're growing
cannabis or something of the sort on the back porch these days.)

This picture was taken just a few days ago - and they already look like they have grown to me!
It won't be long before the chicks will escape the cardboard confines and be transferred to their posh resort.

However, it will be a few months before the fresh eggs start coming -  provided that the chicks we received really are ALL females! 

If we find that we have a rooster in the bunch, he'll either spend the rest of his days at Gabba and Grandaddy's house... or he might just find his way to the top rack of our oven. Anyone have any good coq au vin recipes, just in case?

Till next time,
Your Fowly Friends

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  1. How fun! Oddly enough these pictures brought back a scent memory for me...
    If your neighbors are anything like the ones previously mentioned then they are scoping out the suspected stash!