Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'll keep my prologue short and sweet: Evie is into absolutely EVERYTHING. Nothing escapes her attention. And here's some photos to prove it...

"Hey, mama - look! I just discovered stairs. Did you even know they were here? Here I go up them!"

Um.... wow. That's a really long way to go.

"Well, I'm tired, so I'll just stop at one. But did you see what I can do? I think I've proved my point. I fully intend to keep you on your toes every nano-second of the day!"

Evie essentially has three "faces" when she is busted doing something she shouldn't be doing.
Face #1: "I was just admiring this nice tray, while also covertly inspecting the electrical hazards and oh-so-tempting-and-touchable outlets and power cords over here."

Face #2: "Mom, THAT WAS NOT ME. I have no idea how that happened." 
We should just get used to this face, as we'll probably be on the receiving end of it quite often,  for oh, say...  the next 18 years.

Face #3: "Who me? I'm too angelic to do anything of the sort!"

"You lied to your mother! Drop and give me 20,  kid!"
"Yes, Drill Sergeant Trot, sir!"

I'm the pull-up queen!

"I'm just checking to see if this outlet cover is on here properly.  Yup, it's good."
Some folks freak out when their kid plays with an outlet cover. Evie's parents grab a camera.


"Look, ma. I can push this thing one-handed. Who cares that I'm only 9-months old. I'm ready to walk on outta here!"

Nomar: "Uh... who is this kid? She's mobile AND vertical now?"

 If you look closely, you'll see the tell-tale mustache signs of somebody taking sips out of mommy's glass of cranberry juice. But who can say "no" to this face?

"Look, lady. If she gets near my food bowl, that's the end of our friendship."


  1. That face #3 picture is so absolutely adorable!!!

  2. That's the dangerous face! She already has Chris wrapped around her little finger - so she's going to be able to get away with murder! I have a feeling it's going to be Good Cop/Bad Cop in our house... we just can't decided who has the guts to be Bad Cop to that little face. =o)