Sunday, July 18, 2010


Before I launch into a zillion pictures of the cutest little baby peach ever, I'd like to take a moment to issue a shout-out and a big thank-you to the handsome hubby that makes up the Yankee segment of the "Yankee and Peach."

It was his birthday this past week (on Thursday) and Momma Peach tried to make the whole week enjoyable for him - cooking lots of his favorite foods, trying to celebrate daily, giving him lots of presents, baking a cake on MONDAY (in order for him to eat it throughout the whole week- initially a thoughtful gesture, but realistically a bad idea as both our waistlines enlarged dramatically), and treating him to hopefully an all-around good birthday week in general.  

But.... I came home Friday to find these gorgeous flowers and a pedicure package at Spa Sydell FOR ME! Momma Peach is such a sucker for pedicures! (uh... what girl isn't?)
Everybody together now: "Awwwwwh, how sweet."

What a nice peachy color! And humongous blossoms!
Three of my favorite things in this picture: Beautiful blooms, a baby, and baked goods!

Okay, enough of the lovey-dovey big people stuff and on to the little people sweetness. We are now averaging 2 baths a day in the Yankee & Peach household. No, we don't sweat THAT much... but we do get pretty messy at meal time and need a nice rinse off every now and then! 

On weekends we pretty much let Evie have free reign over her food. Learning to feed herself is definitely an intricate learning process, so we are letting her take her time and determine on her own how to use her own hands, utensils, and cups to feed herself. 

My hands are my favorite utensil!

Come on, spoon. Work for me... please?

Do I have something on my face? Maybe in this general area? Huh?

Hmmm... My mouth is around here somewhere.

"What? You think I'm messy?  Moi?  Never!"

I've finally put the spoon in my mouth and facing the right direction!
Now, why is there no food on it?

Awhhhh.. poor, poor pitiful me. 
Don't laugh at me, momma. I'm trying so hard.
All this food means that....

I'm gonna need a bath!! 

Woman, I dare you to try and wash this mess off.

What?!! You're breaking out the heavy duty washcloths and green foam soap? My plan to savor the flavor all day of the berries on my face has completely been foiled. Dang it!

Come on in, mom! The water's fine.

 Duckies need love (and baths) too.

All clean!! 
Nothing like a little elbow grease to shine a baby right up.

Why did you pull the drain?! I'm not done playing yet, Mom!

"Daaaaaaaad, please help me.  Momma wore me out. "
I think I'll just nap right here.


  1. Hey girl! I didn't even know you blogged! Thanks for your comment on's definitely a hard thing when they are like a family member to you! :(
    I'll keep up w/ your blog from now on...she is soooooo beautiful!

  2. Thanks Tiff! I'm not so much of a blogger as I am a picture-poster. I love reading your and Jorge's blog - and hearing about the adventures of your beautiful munchkin!