Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Whew! What a weekend! The weather was glorious, the extra day off with our little diva was fabulous, and the patriotic cause to celebrate had everybody in a good mood!

Momma Peach had an itchy camera finger, so you will be glad to see that her favorite diapered subject was well-documented over the last few days.  Here's a few of the pictorial products from the weekend ("few" being a major understatement!):

Discovering the limitations of Newton's Law of Gravity. Although the same forces and the same laws of physics apply everywhere in the universe, apparently a purple tennis ball can float entirely on its own by simply staring at it long enough.

Oh, wait. It floats because there is a dog attached to it!

Mumsy Neal took little Peach on a stroll around LaFayette Fountain to watch the Sweet Land of Liberty parade on Saturday. The fountain is a  replica of the statue in LePuy, France. Obviously, this wasn't a celebration of Bastille Day!

The happy little sailor girl. 

Where's my boat, guys? I've got the outfit and the jaunty hat, I just need a watercraft!

Our sailor decides to jump ship and show off her sea legs. Or lack of.

Hmmm... Diet Coke. Daddy drinks these all the time. I bet chewing on this cold can is a good teething remedy! I wonder if Daddy is teething too

This bench is just my size! Convenient!

Mmmmm.... yummy dirt.

Look, mom! I found a rabbit!

Can I keep it?!

Hi, nice stranger. My mommy left me sitting on a garden path all by myself. Can I go home with you?

Rabbit-in-the-headlights look.

For Sale: One sailor baby.
Comes with a rabbit sidekick.  Seller can't attest to baby or rabbit's seaworthy-ness.

Mmmm... Georgia Tech just tastes so good.

Can I help you?

Mommy won't let me wear lipstick yet, so I have to stain my lips with blackberries!

"Uh... you want to take nekkid pictures of me again?"

"Sure, come on in. The water's fine!"

"Evie, we don't let people with cameras into the bathtub with us after a certain age. This will have to stop soon.  Like in 20 or so years."

"Fine. I'll turn my back to you and pout."

Conducting her own little symphony. With Trot's accompaniment.

Perfecting her bear crawl. Obstacles in her way don't stand a chance.
(She has been known to crawl over her classmates to get to the object of her desire.)

Mmmm... Leather couches. Great to pull up on. Even better to teeth on!

Our latest discovery has been the trash can.
It's a large R2-D2 looking object that makes a spectacular and quite satisfying crash when pulled over.

Trouble comes in so many shapes, sizes and forms.
Diapered/undiapered, hairless/furry. Both slobber and walk on all fours. So very similar, yet so very different. At least the dog is potty trained!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

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