Saturday, July 17, 2010


We've previously posted about the little chompers that Evie has emerging from her gum line. Although her teeth coming in has been a pain to deal with (literally, for all involved), her new teeth are actually somewhat liberating when it comes to her food options now. She's chewing everything she can - so Momma Peach took the opportunity to throw all kinds of new foods her direction. As you will see from the pictures below, Evie took the opportunity to throw some of them back.

Mmm... Cheese

I really, really, really like cheese.
Momma Peach makes this face also... but it's usually over a bowl of queso dip!

See my chompers? 
For those of you who don't have kids, this is what 3 AM hell looks like.

Holding her own spoon! We considered it a resounding success if she manages to get the correct end in her mouth, never mind if there is food actually on it.

She usually resorts to the four finger scoop - it's the way to go when the spoon is too annoying to deal with at dinner time. Efficient and effective!

Much better aim, although the food doesn't always make it into the mouth. Many a squished fruit has been found attached to her backside by the end of the meal.

Shove it in, shove it in!
Please notice we often dine sans clothing in the Yankee & Peach household.  You may want to call ahead if you are planning on joining us or dropping by.

Mother! Do NOT interrupt me during my gustatory process.
What do you mean you are out of strawberries?

FINE. Blackberries will do.

Mmmmm... Blackberries are good too!

And last but not least, the picture below is the reason our child will never be considered qualified to run for political office. She's topless, holding a Republican National Committee card, and she's obviously been hitting the bottle. Once it's on the internet, you can never take it back, right?

Eat your heart out, Sarah Palin.

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