Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The past few days have been full of discoveries for the Yankee & Peach household. 

On Friday, we took Evie out and about to visit four local schools. Her parents discovered what we like about the local educational offerings-  and almost as importantly-  we discovered what we do NOT like. We haven't pulled the trigger at enrolling her in a new school yet, but I will say that a local Montessori school has drawn our eye - so feedback would be appreciated if anyone has had experience with the Montessori educational system. (let me know your opinions, please!)

On Saturday, Momma Peach went to an marksmanship clinic and discovered that it will take a LOT more practice before she'll be qualified as an AQT-rifleman graded sharp shooter. She also discovered she's not nearly as bad as she previously thought! Hoo-rah!

Evie also discovered that a cardboard box makes for a fabulous toy...

What's this? It's just my size!

What's the secret password?
Nope, you can't come in!

Checking out her new digs..

Getting pretty excited about her new house...
She decided that the house needed some sprucing up...

Miss Priss also made a fascinating new discovery about her body: the belly button!

It's such an amazing feature- and everybody has one. Some are innie's, some are outie's- but either way, she will gladly poke yours if she happens to catch a glimpse of it.

What's this, Momma?

It moves in and out when I breathe!
I can't even see it when my tummy is really full!

We also discovered the consequences of what happens when a human skull meets a tile floor. Dadda gave us all a little scare when he passed out in the early hours of Monday morning. He smacked open his head on the bathroom floor and the Yankee & Peach family took a quick trip the Emergency Room at the Gwinnett Medical Center to get him checked out and all stitched (or actually stapled) up.

Nurse Evie taking care of Dadda.
Please note that Dadda is a nice normal tan-ish color, as opposed to his earlier appearance, which pretty much matched the whiteness of the sheets on the gurney.
The good news is we have discovered that this Emergency Room has topped the list as our "go-to" ER for any future Yankee & Peach accidents that require a hospital visit. The staff was great - and a big "thank you"  to the nurses and doctors who took good care of Dadda. 

Evie met lots of the medical staff as she walked up and down the halls talking to everyone at 5 AM! She even assisted one nurse in "organizing" her supply drawer (with the nurse's consent, of course). What a big helper she is!

Hugs from Evie are the best medicine. 

Warning:  Look away now if you're a bit squeemish....

We also discovered what a nice set of staples can do for a head wound.


Guess these shiny staples mean that Mamma Peach is going to have to lay off giving him the "Agent Gibb's head smack" that Dadda's grown used to receiving from her!

Y'all say a prayer for Evie's dadda today. He's got a pretty big headache. 


  1. Oh yuck. That's so not good. I hope he's feeling better. Evie seems not at all traumatized to see her dadda with a boo boo.

    I gotta say, cardboard boxes are often much more fun than their contents-Go Evie! I remember the belly button days...the human body is a fascinating thing.

  2. Hope he's feeling better, girl!! So sorry y'all had that scare!

  3. Wow! What happened to make him pass out? How scary! I hope he's feeling better soon.

    You and I should go to the shooting range together. There's one at the corner of Medlock Bridge and Peachtree Industrial.

  4. Update: he went to for a Cardio consult on Friday, and the doc said his heart sounded good - but they've scheduled him for an ultrasound next week. Ultimately, it was probably a combo of no sleep and low blood sugar that made him pass out.
    And yes, Liz- we need to go to the range! =o) I think Tuesday's are Ladies Days there??