Monday, June 21, 2010


We had quite a nice Father's Day weekend. (Yes, I'll speak for Chris... though he may disagree, but I'd doubt it.) Momma and Dadda escaped to Chastain Park to see Harry Connick, Jr. on Saturday night while the Neal grandparents and Uncle Battle were responsible for feeding, bathing, and bedding the little munchkin all by themselves. All went well (at least, that's what they told us!) and everyone survived the night un-harmed and in good spirits.

However, we were left wondering what questionable cuisine Grandmumsy Neal might have slipped the little lady during her Saturday night play time because we noticed a bit of diarrhea in two of her diapers the next day. (Mumsy Neal has the tendency to "let her try new things and explore everything!!" - thus rendering our leverage over healthy food null-and-void.)

We eventually dismissed the "problematic food theory" after we realized Evie is teething again and has a tendency to swallow a LOT of saliva during the process, thus creating runny diapers. (TMI, we know. That's the life of a parent, right?)  

No worries, though. Evie is crawling full-steam-ahead, pulling up on any object that will support her, and has two little pearly whites emerging from her upper gum line to match the two little chompers she already has on the bottom. Geeeeeez, what's next? Puberty?!

Trot incites instant laughter whenever he's around Evie. And he's ALWAYS around.

Evie has fully mastered the technique of forward crawling. She is now working on her crawling-while-holding-multiple-objects-she-refuses-to-release approach to mobility.

Trot: providing friendship, affection, comedic interjection into many situations, and a sniff test, if necessary.
(Evie is again showing off her
crawling-while-holding-objects skills.)

Once more, Trot administers the sniff check on Evie. I should remind him that  deodorant (hopefully) won't be necessary for years to come.

 Blocks, blocks, blocks. I love blocks.
Or more appropriately: triangles, triangles, triangles.
Obtuse, acute, or right angles...  It doesn't matter as long as they make a good sound when I smack them together!
They're all polygons to me! (hahahah... poor kid has Tech grads for parents!)

Hmmm. I know this round object is of some importance to many people in my family. I guess I should learn what to do with it.  ("Scholarship!" says Momma.)

Already practicing her pull-ups on the kitchen table.
I seriously thought it would be years
before she'd be able to do this, but once again, she proves me wrong. 
Ahhh... parental expectations shattered. I better get used to it!

And... last but not least:
Parents gone wild at Chastain Park!
A lovely little picnic spread.  
Wine and cheese.   Candlelight and music.
Sooo very romantic and fun!

Yup, we were home and asleep by midnight.

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