Monday, June 28, 2010


The past week has been a whirlwind of adventure for us at the Yankee & Peach house. We made it to the water park not one, not two, but three different times in the span of four days. Yes, folks, it has been hot in Atlanta.
Speaking of whirlwinds...

Blue Eyes of Destruction.
Following Evie is like tracking the path of an F2 twister. (But on a baby-sized Fujita scale, of course.) It's typically an erratic route of tossed toys, annihilation of paper products, a solitary shoe or scattered article of clothing, but with a bundle of diapered cuteness waiting for you at the end of the trail.

I get hype for bedtime!

Mom likes performing crazy cheerleading lifts with me before I go to sleep. 

Uh... Dad?   Please stop her.   Now.

Just checking to see what Mom missed with the vacuum. I should wear white gloves and point out all the places Mom overlooks.

What? I have a personal standard of "clean." I won't crawl just anywhere, ya know!

Cleanliness doesn't apply to my toys. They can go anywhere I put them. My toys, my rules. 

Hmm... I'm eight months old now. In my opinion, I'm plenty old enough to pull up on objects and try to walk by myself. See that sharp corner of the TV stand? I want to get up close and personal with it!  Watch this, I'm gonna freak my parents out!

A D O R A B L E.  'Nuff said.

Check out my chompers!  I have four more coming in on top! 
And FOUR is the number of hours I stayed up after midnight on Saturday night when I decided to wake and express my displeasure about these dental nuisances to my Mom. I love my midnight conversations with Mom.  Although she's a good listener and lets me do all the talking, I suspect she's half asleep for most of our really good heart-to-heart chats.

My Pop came all the way from Rhode Island for a visit. He said he was here to fix an MRI machine at Emory, but I know he was actually here to see me.
Try to harness all this energy, Pop! I bet you could run an MRI for a week just on baby power.

You want me to share? Okay, I guess you can have the blue cup. I have 7 others. You're not taking the yellow one! It's my favorite!

Our cute little ambassador for GT. This is what we sent her wearing to school on Monday. 

And when I picked her up, she was wearing this. Yes, that's a Christmas bib on a baby in the month of June, but more importantly... it's RED. Everybody knows you can't have the color red associated with anything Georgia Tech. This confirms my suspicions that there are closet UGA fans employed by the Goddard School.


If you come to our house, you will be handed a baby and a ball. They will be waiting for you at the front door.


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