Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

Evie and her parents had quite the Memorial Day weekend. She swam in a pool for the first time (her pool time in California doesn't count, since that was technically a hot tub), she swam in a lake for the first time, and road a horse for the first time. And by swam, we do mean she was happily plopped down on her diaper clad bottom into the water, where she could have sat and merrily "patted" the surface for hours on end. 

With hair like mine, I plan to scare the other kids out of the pool.

Mommy, will I have flotation devices like you one day?

Okay, guys. Just between you and me... what do you really think about carrots?

I asked for a pony, but you guys gave me a HORSE!
(2nd runner up for caption contest: Ride a horse, save a cowboy.)

Give or take 30 seconds, but this might be the precise moment where Evie fell in love with horses and Daddy's wallet just got lighter for the next 18 years.

You ride horses, you eat like a horse.
"What do you mean I have something on my face?"

On a final note, Evie loved her water baby time so much that we broke down and bought her a small "paddling" play pool. It may not be a cutsie pink baby pool from BabiesRUs that is painted in designer colors with fabulous images plastered all over it (our pool was purchased for a massive $9 at PetSmart, and it just might be a lovely shade of dog-gone blue and be covered in dog bones) but her parents think it's FANTASTIC and so does Evie.

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