Sunday, June 6, 2010

Put my thing down, Flip It, and Reverse It

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!
In Lane 1, we have Evie. She's in the starting blocks,  revving her motor skills...  she's on her mark... she's set... and off she goes...  IN REVERSE! 

Our little lady crawled for the first time this weekend. Except she went backwards. Yes, in reverse. As in, the opposite direction of forward motion. She was down on all fours, doing the wiggly-butt bouncing motion that munchkins do to get their momentum going.  

She was all psyched up - you could just see it in her determined little face. She was working so hard and with such fierce concentration. She pushed off from a sitting position, braced her arms, got her little knees under her, -- and then went scooting backwards. The look on her face was a combination of "holy crap, I'm moving!" and "holy crap, that's not the direction I wanted to go!"

Chris and I were cracking up. She was so focused on going forward, but then her body kept betraying her and she would go the opposite direction.  Oh, well, at least she's getting somewhat mobile, which means momma and dadda have to really get on babyproofing everything soon. Evie just has her gear stick confused - she's gotta get out of reverse and put that thing in drive! 

Here's a few photos to document what we thought was quite a hilarious occasion:

Yeah, I got this sitting stuff down pat!

Watch out, doggies! I'm coming for you.

Hey, uh, Trot... you mind doing a quick diaper check for me? I was working pretty hard, might have let some slip.

What?!   A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Just like everyone else in this household, Trot does my bidding.
Go get me a ball, Trot.

Okay, back in the starting position. Uggggghh... not sure about this.

Head down, check.  
Elbows locked and ready, check.
Good form, check.
Bouncing butt, check. Here we go... 

Whoaaa! Too fast, too fast! I gotta slow down.

And in other non-crawling news, we spent another Saturday at the water park. This time, we plied Uncle Battle to go with us with the promise of a home-cooked meal for lunch. (the joke was on him, it was MY cooking!)

Actually, he really wanted to go. He's an adorably hands-on uncle to Evie - even though he has yet to change a diaper. (gggr!)  I told him the water park would be us and a bunch of one-to-twelve years old kids and he realized that this age range is right at his maturity level and he was all for it.

I only tolerate these people for the food...
and the awesome hot pink shoes.

Like his niece, Battle only tolerates us for the food.

This picture will be on the next cover "Out and About" Magazine for their cover article "Modern Family: Two Men and a Baby."

The little rockstar's gotta have her sunglasses on to go to the pool.

I love my dadda. Such sweetness.

Battle's plan to pick up ladies using Evie as bait didn't work.  
That's actually a really good thing, considering all the lizz-adies in attendance at the waterpark were either young enough to put him in jail, or old enough to know better.

He decided to show off his skills on the slide instead.

Dadda and EvieBug in the lazy river.

There's actually nothing lazy about this river- the river's current is quite fast so it's a pretty decent workout to make it around while holding a baby afloat, especially if you decide to be a rebel and go against the flow.
A few more weekends in the not-so-lazy river might be a benefit to momma's post-prego bootie. (Well, that and a membership to Jenny Craig and a little lypo wouldn't hurt.)

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  1. That river is a workout! We almost had a child float away. But we found him and did manage to bring him home with us.