Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Grandaddy and Mumsy Neal stopped by the Yankee and Peach abode to play tonight. They dropped in under the auspices of "visiting Evie" but we all know they really just fancied some of Katie's cooking for supper.  Those crafty kinfolk are always sneaking in and finding a place at the supper table (and now we know where Uncle Battle gets it.)

Can't these people find where the food goes?
My mouth is RIGHT HERE!

Evie's grandparents were just in time to feed Miss Priss, play outside in the baby pool with the little lady, get shoo-ed out of the pool by Nomar-the-water-crazy-dog who decided to sit on Evie (whilst IN the pool), then get eaten by mosquitoes after tonight's rain, and then trudge back inside for some yummy gnocchi, chicken, garlic bread and salad that Katie whipped up in a Julia-Child-on-drugs style frenzy. It may sound like a gourmet dinner-  but, in actuality, that was the extent of the sustenance inhabiting Katie's cupboard - at least till Knight-in-Shining-Armor Chris got home from Publix with bags full of reinforcements.

After we were all fat and happy from the pigs-at-the-trough-chow-down, it was time for our post-dinner entertainment. Obviously, that means Evie was running the show.

I've got skills. Check out the balancing act.
 Don't try this at home, kids.

First face-plant of the evening into the carpet. 
Crawling in the forward direction just wasn't happening.

Okay, really Grandma? I am not a vacuum cleaner!

Haha! Victory is mine! 
The pink ball holds the powers of the universe! 
Or maybe just some nice spittle from Trot.

Mother, you are only a small mountain between me and that magazine.
I will conquer you, as I will conquer the tearing of each and every page in that glossy publication.

Yes, we frequently leave our child crying on the floor with potential suffocation hazards nearby. We believe it builds character - as well as lung capacity.

By our next post, I hope to have something to report in the way of forward motion. It may not happen and we may quite possibly just have a backwards crawling child. That's fine with me, as long as the backwards-ness doesn't carry over into other future skills to be learned. Like potty training. I'm not even going to carry on with that thought...

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