Sunday, June 13, 2010

GOOOoooo-oooooAL !!!!

England made one, the USA made one... of course, that officially resulted in a draw, but in my eyes, if the objective was to make it out of the first round of the World Cup, then I guess we won!

More importantly (at least in our egocentric eyes), was our own personal goal for Evie this weekend - to crawl in the FORWARD direction. She met that challenge head on and passed with flying colors.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend of forward progress:

Why should I crawl if you're already going my direction, Dad? Can't I just hitch a ride on you?

She's got a pretty good squat going.
Future power lifter,

Stop! Stop! Stop!
I'll do this my own way, thank you very much.

And by "my way," I mean I'll sit and clap for myself and the good job I'm doing!

One of the many reasons the USA "won." Good karma vibes sent from the Yankee and Peach kitchen.

"Gooo - ooooal" cupcakes. You can't just have one.

This is the face of summer. Excitement over fresh blueberries!
If only you had seen Daddy and Momma's excited faces after those blueberries progressed their way through her little digestive track.

I'm so ashamed I can't even look at you. My mommy dressed me like a girl.
 Dressy dress, hairbow, girlie shoes.
Oh, I cannot even look at the camera. This is so embarrassing.

What, you say there's a mud puddle outside I can play in? I'm ashamed no more! Tomboy revenge at last!

Mom's always passing me off to be fed by other people. My sweet friend Vallie came for a visit and decided to take over mommy duties for a little while.

Uncle Battle gets the honor of filling my belly too!

We're also having some forward progress in the teething department, if a runny nose and chewing on everything she can get her hands and mouth around are any indicators. Evie got her two bottom teeth at 4 months, but nothing has emerged since then.... guess it's about time!

Food tastes so much better when you have entertainment accompanying it!

Uncle Battle is becoming a pro at this food dispersal stuff.

Here's a reward for making it all the way down to the bottom of this post:  Crawling videos! 

They are short and sweet, but you will get the point: She's MOBILE!

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